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Polish Festival

at the Seattle Center


September 2018

Sep TBD   Polish Festival in Portland
Sep 10   Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Seattle
Sep 7   Polish Cultural Center Opens after the summer break
Sep 5   Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Bellevue

Polish Festival

Sep TBD: Polish Festival in Portland

At two full days of attractions, it's the biggest and the most colorful Polish Festival in the western United States. Each year the Festival features exhibitions, jazz or piano concerts plus two days of performances by the best Polish folk groups from the west coast US and Canada, variety of merchandize and tons of pierogi & other Polish food as well as Polish beer. There are also polka contests on both days and dancing on the Saturday evening.


Where: St. Stanislaus Church & Polish Hall & Library, at an equivalent of a city block at 3900 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR; admission & entertainment free

More: contact PLBA president Jadwiga Witkowska at president.plba@gmail.org

Sep 10, 6 - 8 pm: Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Seattle

The Juliusz Slowacki Polish School in Seattle offers classes to individuals of all ages on Mondays as well as a preschool group on Saturday. Children from grades 1-8 learn Polish language & literature, as well history and geography of Poland; assignment is based on proficiency level in Polish. Adults can learn Polish as beginners or at intermediate & advanced levels. The first day of school is Sep 18 and 16, 2017.


Where: regular classes at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski on Mondays at 6 - 8:30 pm, preschool group for 5+ years old on Saturdays 10:15 am - 12 noon.

More: please contact Marysia Radka 425-736-2430 or Anna Babcock 206-362-3077, Polish School in Seattle

Sep 7: The Polish Cultural Center Opens After Summer

The Polish Home opens after the yearly summer break in the week after the Labor Day. In particular the restaurant and the bar will be open on Friday nights starting from Sep 7, 2017. The Sunday lunches start in October.


More: Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski in Seattle

Sep 5, 6:30 pm: Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Bellevue

The Fr. Jan Twardowski Polish School in Bellevue invites children from the Eastside as well as Seattle. Subjects include Polish language, geography, history and culture classes offered to children from grades K (zerowka) to 8, based on proficiency in Polish. The School also has a program of Polish as a second language for children. All classes are on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. The first day of school is Sep 13, 2017.

The registration is only for the new students, new students have to be present for skill assessment..

Where: at the East Shore Unitarian Church Education Building
in Bellevue, room TBD
More: Polish School in Bellevue,
School email contact or Anna Cholewinska at 425 736 1209.


2017  Ryszard Kott

Photo "Fountain" courtesy Hanna Gil, Photo "Seattle" courtesy Ryszard Kwieciński