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In Memoriam  Mrs. Teresa Malinowski's Memorial Mass on Saturday, July 29

Guide Wanted

 Polish Speaking Guide Needed in Seattle on August 19, 2017

Support Hikers

 Help Two Hikers from Poland on the Appalachian Trail

To let

 Old Town Apartment For Rent in Warsaw

Language courses

 Take a Summer Language Course in Poland
Learn Polish  Learn Real Polish On the Internet  Reader recommended!
Radio Wisla  Local Polish language Radio Wisla - on the internet

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 Mrs. Teresa Malinowski's Memorial Mass on Saturday, July 29

Mrs. Teresa




has died


Teresa Malinowski

1942 – 2017



Teresa Malinowska was born on April 14, 1942 in Szumsk in Volhynia, Poland, now in Ukraine. She passed away in Seattle on June 27, 2017 after a battle with cancer. She graduated from the University of Washington with a BA and was an artist, lover of music, food, family and friends. Teresa was very proud of her Polish heritage and culture and was an active member of the Polish community and in particular of the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee. 


Ms. Malinowski was preceded in death by her father Kazimierz Malinowski and her husband Irwin Eisenberg.  She is survived by her mother Stella Malinowski, sisters Mary (Cyrus) Noe and Irene and brothers Ed, John (Gretchen), Michael (Susanna) Malinowski and nieces and nephews Nicholas (Michelle) Noe, Jessica, Jacob and Christopher Malinowski and Stephanie (Marcus) Amargi.  She will be missed by her extended family and friends. 


Memorial Mass at the Polish Parish

     10 am on Saturday, July 29th at St. Margaret of Scotland Church in Seattle.


Celebration of Life at the Polish Cultural Center

     Immediately following the Mass.


Donations in Lieu of Flowers 

      In lieu of flowers please make donations in Teresa's name to UW Polish Studies or to Polish Home

      Association. For UW Polish Studies, go to the UW gift page, and click Search for "Polish" or

      contact UW PSEC. For Polish Home Association, please contact PHA.


Share memories

      Please share memories of Teresa at the Cascade Memorial page.

posted July 25, 2017

  Polish Guide Needed in Seattle on August 19, 2017





Polish Speaking Guide Needed

I am looking for a guide in Seattle on August 19 - a Polish speaking person who will keep the company of 74-year-old Janina while her granddaughter's and son is going to rafting. The person doesn't have to be a professional guide. It is enough to know Polish and English and have time to show show a little town, to talk and sit in a coffee shop. Of course for a fee. She doesn't speak English well and that's why I'm looking for somebody polish speaking. 

I will be grateful for any help or suggestions.
Best wishes,

Magdalena Adamska
ul. Karpia 24
61-619 Poznań
tel. 512-044-902
tel. 61 826 25 12 wew. 53

posted on July 25, 2017

  Support Two Hikers from Poland on the Appalachian Trail





Two hikers from Poland welcome your help to blaze the Appalachian Trail

Two hikers from Poland, Grzegorz Oziminski and Maciej Stromczynski, are looking for support during their hike along the Appalachian Trail. They will make the first step on July 1, 2017. That is a couple of weeks away. Both hikers live in Czestochowa, Poland. Last year they crossed the entire Pacific Crest Trail in one season going in the south/north direction. They decided to change directions on the AT starting at Mount Katahdin, Maine to close the hike at Springer Mountain, Georgia.


Grzegorz and Maciej managed to complete the PCT on their own, not knowing anybody in the United States. I found out about their PCT adventure by chance from a Polish newspaper and congratulated them. They are the first Polish hikers to complete the entire PCT in one season. This year it is the AT.   Next year they are planning to complete the Continental Divide (CD).  Completing the three major trails in the United States, PCT, AT, and CD, will put them on the list of hikers completing the Triple Crown.

The link below talks about their fund raiser in Poland.  You can also find details about their AT hike this year and the PCT last year. https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/appalachian-trail-polnoc-poludnie-3500-km-marszu.


I would like to help them along the Appalachian Trail by providing basic food supplies.  This can be accomplished by sending food packages to previously identified post offices along the trail.  Maciej and Grzegorz have already sent me the list of their post office stops. If you would like to contribute to the AT hike by Maciej and Grzegorz you can either send a check to me or send packages directly to the post offices along the trail.  If you choose to send the checks to me, I will handle purchasing the food items and shipping them to the hikers.  All receipts will be available to you.


My goal is to collect as many non-perishable (“hiking/trail type”) food items as possible.  Cash donations would allow me to cover shipping costs.  A $20.00 bill in a package would also be welcome by the hikers.  If you prefer to personally send food packages to Grzegorz and Maciej, I can send you the list of post office stops and estimated dates of arrival. The Post Office has certain rules about sending packages to hikers; I will be happy to provide those rules.


Thank you for all your support!


Aldona Brice, Milton, WA. Please contact me at ToAldona@outlook.com

posted June15, 2017

  Old Town Apartment For Rent in Warsaw





Beginning 21 July, my sweet apartment in Warsaw's Old Town will be available for short-term guests. It is a one-room apartment (one room, plus kitchen and bathroom), with sleeping capacity of two to three. It is on Piekarska street, just near the Kiliński monument.


This is my building, which is next to the pink convent and one block or so from the Old Town Square. My apartment is on the first (second, US) floor. It is in the cobbled pedestrian zone, within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Warsaw's Old Town. For the most part, only people and horses and buggies go by the kitchen window, and the main room looks out onto the courtyard (one of the nicest in Warsaw!) and convent. You can see St. Martin's and St. John's Cathedral from the window. Other photos and information available upon request. 



We'd like to have people stay there for multiple nights, ideally, and semester or academic-year stays are also possible. My dear friend and his fiancée will be taking care of the apartment for me and will be available to guests.


There are grocery shops and other amenities just downstairs and around the corner, as well of course all the restaurants, cafes and cultural life - including the castle - of Old Town. To visit Warsaw's downtown while staying here, you need no car. It is for example about a 10-15 minute walk, or a couple of bus stops, from the University of Warsaw.


It is a wonderful place to stay in Warsaw, with a special atmosphere that I miss very much.


Please contact Christina at email address manetti [at] gazeta.pl.

posted June 14, 2017

 Summer Language Courses in Poland

More Language Courses




 Intensive 2 week courses in Cracow by VARIA


Intensive summer courses from early June till September


posted Apr 5, 2017

Polish Language School Glossa, based in Cracow


Polish language school and 2-, 3- and 4-week courses


posted Apr 5, 2017


Centre for Polish Studies several cities

2- & 4-week Intensive Summer Courses

Detailed info for in July August, Septemer

posted Mar 16, 2016

 Local Polish language Radio Wisła on the internet




Tune to Seattle-based Polish language internet radio www.radiowisla.com for updates and interview reporting from local community events.

posted Feb 17, 2010

 Learning Polish on the internet

Learning Polish on the internet


Please read info about Libratus schools and Polish government proposals posted on the FAQ page.


Below there is some info about learning Polish with help of internet as recommended by Readers or  submitted to the Editor by different educational outfits.




Reader recommended free podcasts and paid subscriptions with Piotr.

Seems great for Polish-Americans, that is people who know the language somewhat,

understand more, speak less and would like to take it to the next level.

In small daily chunks, regular readings etc.


posted in Jan 2016


Learn Polish Feel Good


This is a great website for anyone looking to practice Polish grammar and vocabulary through online interactive exercises. Includes over 150 exercises arranged by topic (verbs/verb tenses, nouns and pronouns, prepositions, adjectives/adverbs).

The site also has a “Polish for travelers” section.



Declination: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/polish-nouns-pronouns.html,

Conjugation: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/v-grac-past-imperfective1.html

Adjective agreement w/ gender: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/adjectives-which-gender1.html

first posted in 2010, still looks great in Jan 2016



Grammar rules, comments on the place of Polish among other languages etc.

A Grammar of the Polish Language


This seems to be very thorough but feels somewhat dry.



Edu & More - Learn Polish Online


Immersive e-learning of Polish language for foreigners

Online courses and lessons consist on different topics

and different levels of language competence (from A1 to B2)

Each course means:

·         practical subjects & selected vocabulary

·         useful structures

·         dialogues and texts

·         essential grammar

exercises and much more …

You can check it at: www.polishonlinenow.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us dorota.gruza@eduandmore.com

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