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Scholarship  UW Polish Studies Scholarship for Study in Poland – deadline March 27, 2020
For the Disabled  Free Wheelchair, Walker, Other Used Health Equipment in Redmond
Event Planning  Inviting Poles Connected to St. Mary Magdalen in Everett
Visit Poland, Europe  2020 Spirit of Poland & Eastern Europe Express Tours  by Crew Treks
Trip to Poland  2020 Cultural Tours of Poland by the Lira Ensemble (Chicago)
Trip to Poland  Trip to Poland with the Piast Institute - in May 2020
Local History  PHA Anniversary Movie DVD and Book on Sale
Learn Polish  Learn Real Polish On the Internet  Reader recommended!
Radio Wisla  Local Polish language Radio Wisla - on the internet

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  UW Polish Studies Scholarship for Study in Poland - deadline March 27



UW students


UW PSEC Scholarship for Study in Poland



University of Washington's Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is accepting applications for the annual UW Polish Studies Scholarship for the UW students interested in studying in Poland between June 2020 and May 2021. Scholarships, offered by the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee were made possible through the generosity of supporters and friends of the UW Polish Studies. Priority will be given to students traveling to Poland to study the Polish language, but support may be also provided to students who would like to pursue other aspects of Polish studies. 


Applications are due March 27, 2020. A decision will be made by April 20, 2020. Please send application materials to: 

Lani Phillips

Slavic Department Administrator

University of Washington, 

A210 Padelford Box 354335, 

Seattle, WA 98195-4335.

More info: Slavic Dept. Scholarship info

posted on Mar 5, 2020

 Free Wheelchair, Walker, Other Health Equipment in Redmond





for free


Health Equipment for the Disabled To Reuse


Our family has several items that can be used by the disabled or by sick people; we will give them to you for free if you need them.



The items include
• A wheelchair ramp that my son and I can install where needed
• A wheelchair, a rollator, a walker, 2 grabbers
• Orthopedic belt
• Orthopedic cushions of different kind
• Shower stool
• A commode with plastic bags fitting the bucket
• Bed mats packages, adult diapers
• Unopened pain medication for mouth sores, back pain, general pain

Please see this file for pictures for more info.

Please contact Ryszard Kott if you would need or would be interested using any of the above, and we can discuss how / when we could pass this to you.

 posted February 27, 2020

 Inviting Poles Connected to St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Everett




Inviting Poles Connected to St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Everett


Attention Polish parishioners and descendants of Polish people. You are cordially invited to attend a meeting on January 11th, 2020 from 3 to 4 pm in the St. Joseph room to organize a dinner or feast to the benefit of our church. This will be the first of three meetings.

God Bless!

Please contact Iwona Rodzik at 206-604-8007 for more information.


Zapraszamy Polaków związanych z parafią St. Mary Magdalen w Everett


Uwaga polscy parafianie oraz potomkowie Polaków. 11 stycznia 2020 w sali Św. Józefa przy naszym kościele o godz. 3 do 4 odbedzie się pierwsze spotkanie (następne będzie w lutym i marcu) w celu zorganizowania obiadu bądź innego rodzaju poczęstunku na korzyść naszego kościoła. Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych do udziału w tym spotkaniu.

Szczęść Boże!

Kontakt: Iwona Rodzik, tel. 206-604-8007

 posted December 19, 2019

 Visit Poland, Eastern Europe in 2020 with Crew Treks

Crew Treks


2020 Tours

of Poland


Eastern Europe


2020 Spirit of Poland and Eastern Europe Express Tours

with Crew Treks



No hiking involved, Spirit of Poland is a pleasure tourist tour!


Crew Treks is a Seattle based Polish-American tourist agency run by Marek Wencel; it has earned its reputation locally for organizing hikes and treks in highlands and mountains all over the world, from Olympic Mountains and Rainier to Everest, but also including such touristy places like Machu Picchu. Recently, they added two new tourist tours showcasing Poland and Eastern Europe.

There is no hiking on these two tours, just sightseeing.


Spirit of Poland Tour, Sep 2-13, 2020

Eastern Europe Express Tour, Sep 16-25, 2020


For more info please contact Marek

Or call 206-227-3788

 posted on December 12, 2019

 2020 Tours To Poland by The Lira Ensemble (Chicago)

Lira Tours to


in 2019


Visit Poland on a Tour organized by the Lira Ensemble



The Lira Ensemble (Chicago) takes reservations for two exclusive cultural tours to Poland in 2020:

The overview info page from Tour Director Lucyna Migala


Tour of Southern Poland | June 25 - July 9

Tour of Northern Poland* | June 16 - July 29

* A Lithuanian Tour is an add on option to the Northern Poland Tour



Early bird booking now!


For more info please contact Ms. Migala at lira@liraensemble.org  

Or call 773-508-7040

 posted Oct 31, 2019

 Visit Poland with the Piast Institute - in May 2020

Piast Institute


tour of



in 2020


Trip to Poland May 18 - June 2, 2020



Destinations include:

Wrocław, Książ Castle, Moszna Castle, Kraków, Wadowice, Auschwitz, Wieliczka

Warszawa, Toruń, Malbork Castle, Gdańsk


More info about the trip


For more info please contact owinski@piastinstitute.org

Or call 248 613 6751

 posted on June 6, 2019

 PHA Anniversary Movie DVD and Book on Sale




Movie DVD

& Book



PHA Anniversary Movie DVD and Book on Sale


The anniversary movie PASSING THE TORCH: 100 Years of the Polish Home Association is available at the Polish Cultural Center on Friday nights. The movie, premiered at the 2018 Seattle Polish Film Festival is based on dozens of interviews and a wealth of historical materials. It shows the rich history of the Polish community through different eras and the role that PHA and the Polish Home played as the anchor of Polish life in Seattle and Washington state.

movie trailer on YouTube



The anniversary book brings to life the story of the Polish community of Seattle since its inception towards the end of 19c. till 2018. Richly illustrated with color photographs it describes individuals, events and organizations that create a rich tapestry of the community centered around the Polish Home, now the Polish Cultural Center in Seattle.



posted on April 11, 2019

 Summer Language Courses in Poland

More Language Courses




 Intensive 2 week courses in Cracow by VARIA


Intensive summer courses from early June till September


posted Apr 5, 2017

Polish Language School Glossa, based in Cracow


Polish language school and 2-, 3- and 4-week courses


posted Apr 5, 2017


Centre for Polish Studies several cities

2- & 4-week Intensive Summer Courses

Detailed info for in July August, Septemer

posted Mar 16, 2016

 Local Polish language Radio Wisła on the internet




Tune to Seattle-based Polish language internet radio www.radiowisla.com for updates and interview reporting from local community events.

posted Feb 17, 2010

 Learning Polish on the internet

Learning Polish on the internet


Please read info about Libratus schools and Polish government proposals posted on the FAQ page.


Below there is some info about learning Polish with help of internet as recommended by Readers or  submitted to the Editor by different educational outfits.




Reader recommended free podcasts and paid subscriptions with Piotr.

Seems great for Polish-Americans, that is people who know the language somewhat,

understand more, speak less and would like to take it to the next level.

In small daily chunks, regular readings etc.


posted in Jan 2016


Learn Polish Feel Good


This is a great website for anyone looking to practice Polish grammar and vocabulary through online interactive exercises. Includes over 150 exercises arranged by topic (verbs/verb tenses, nouns and pronouns, prepositions, adjectives/adverbs).

The site also has a “Polish for travelers” section.



Declination: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/polish-nouns-pronouns.html,

Conjugation: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/v-grac-past-imperfective1.html

Adjective agreement w/ gender: http://www.learnpolishfeelgood.com/adjectives-which-gender1.html

first posted in 2010, still looks great in Jan 2016



Grammar rules, comments on the place of Polish among other languages etc.

A Grammar of the Polish Language


This seems to be very thorough but feels somewhat dry.



Edu & More - Learn Polish Online


Immersive e-learning of Polish language for foreigners

Online courses and lessons consist on different topics

and different levels of language competence (from A1 to B2)

Each course means:

·         practical subjects & selected vocabulary

·         useful structures

·         dialogues and texts

·         essential grammar

exercises and much more …

You can check it at: www.polishonlinenow.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us dorota.gruza@eduandmore.com

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