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Other News 2018

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May 8 & 9: Consular Visit to Seattle, reservations required

The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles kindly informs that the consular visit to Seattle, only to process passport applications, is scheduled for May 8 & 9, 2018. The Consul will be available at the Polish Cultural Center, by reservation only, 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesday and 9 am to 3:30 pm on Wednesday. To make a reservation send an email to losangeles.kg.paszporty@msz.gov.pl stating your name, DOB, the PESEL number and a preferred time.


Where: at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski in Seattle, WA; reservations required.

More: info about the visit in Seattle (PL), the Consulate passport info

Mar 15, 2017

 Volunteers Needed for the PHA Aniversary Projects

The PHA centennial committee is calling for volunteers to help with the projects related to the 100th anniversary of the PHA. Among the projects that need volunteer support are


     1. Exhibition of 100 years of PHA history in Seattle

     2. Time line of Polish Home Association’s history

     3. Oral history and a documentary movie about PHA and Polish community

     4. Photographic contest in memory of Polish Home Association

     5. Painting contest titled:"100 years of our Polish Identity" (in Polish: "Sto lat naszej Polskości")


Please read more about the projects and how to volunteer in this leaflet or visit the PHA website.

posted March 22, 2018

2018 Elections at the PHA Polish Women's Club

Barbara Augustyniak


At a recent meeting of the Polish Women's Club (formerly Ladies Auxiliary of the Polish Home, Koło Pań Domu Polskiego), Ms. Barabara Augustyniak has been re-elected as the President of the Club.  Congratulations!


More:  Polish Women's Club on facebook

posted Mar 8, 2018

New Polish STAMP Test  for High School Students

There is a new Polish language proficiency test for high school students who want to obtain a college credit based on WA state Seal of Biliteracy. Polish tests have been available for a long time, but the new test is one of the STAMP tests that are widely used and available in local school districts for language testing. The test costs only 17.50 to take.


More: WA Seal of Biliteracy, an Avant STAMP 4S sample tests

posted Mar 1, 2018

2018 UW PSEC Fundraising Dinner - RSVP deadline Feb 28

University of Washington Polish Studies Committee cordially invites to the 2018 fundraising dinner and lecture Paderewski and the World of Politics by Prof. Marek Żebrowski. Silent auction, music and cocktails from 5:30 pm, dinner & lecture at 7 pm. Please make a reservation here - the deadline is February 28, 2018.


More: See the Polish News calendar entry about this event

posted Feb 15, 2018

Local Drive to Stop Act HR 1226 at the Polish Parish

Local Polish-Americans are joining a drive to stop a controversial act of Congress related to property and assets orphaned after WWII, many of them belonging to Jewish victims of Holocaust. A group of parishioners will be handing out leaflets w/ letters to Congress members and gathering signatures at the Parish Hall of St. Margaret Church in Seattle after 9:45 and 12:00 mass on Feb 18 and 25, 2018. Stop by if you would like to support the protest.

More: please visit http://stopacthr1226.org/ for more info

posted Feb 15, 2018

Fat Tuesday / Fat Thursday Ponchki!

Fat Tuesday is coming fast and Fat Thursday in the Polish tradition is even sooner - so get your supply of ponchki / pączki!

At Polish places: Sebi's Bistro has a special on Feb 8 (Fay Thursday), and I'm sure they will have it on Fat Tuesday as well, also try George's Deli (call first). You can also order a batch from Viola Szymanski and at 206-435-4103.

Bakery Nouveau (stores in West Seattle & on Capitol Hill), great pączki, they can spell it, too

posted Feb 8, 2018

2018 Elections at the Polish Home

Pawel Krupa

John Golubiec


At the Polish Home Association annual meeting on January 28, 2018, Mr. Pawel Krupa was re-elected the PHA President. Mr. John Golubiec was re-elected as the Chairman of the PHA Board of Trustees. Congratulations!


More: The PHA owns and runs the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski in Seattle.

Detailed results of the PHA elections.

posted Feb 8, 2018

Nominations to the Outstanding Pole Award due Feb 25

Wybitny Polak is an award given by the Foundation Teraz Polska to outstanding Poles living abroad to promote their success and positive impact of Poland. The nominations to the 2018 West Coast edition of the award can be submitted till February 25. The nomination process is open to the public and participation of different Polish communities is encouraged.


The awards are in five categories: business, culture, science, personality and Young Pole (less than 35 years old); the West Coast covers 15 states in the LA consular region. The past winners included Mr. Alex Herbst in 2015 and Mr. Michal Pietrzyk in 2016, both from Seattle. Please nominate outstanding people you know!


More: about the award, how to nominate (PDF), about 2015 awards in Życie Kolorado June 2015 (PL), about 2016 awards in Życie Kolorado Jan 2017 (p.18-19), the award jury includes Honorary Consul Teresa Davis of Seattle.

posted Feb 1, 2018

Help Making Pierogi for the Spring Bazaar

Make pierogi!

The Polish Women's Club invites everybody to pierogi making sessions before the Spring Bazaar at the Polish Cultural Center on March 24, 2018. Come to help, or come to learn how to make pierogi first and then help at one of these days:

       February 6, 13, 20 & 27 and March 6

   All pierogi making sessions are at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm.


More: Contact the Club President Barbara Augustyniak for more info

posted Jan 18, 2018

More Profiles of Local Polish Women

Dagna Barrera

Ms. Anna Sycz at her I love pierogies blog runs a very interesting Project SiS, which is an interview cycle presenting profiles of inspiring Polish women in the Seattle area. In the last three months the following additional ladies have been featured: Dagna Barrera of Silesia Guitars, Marta Bras of marta bras PHOTOGRAPHY and Sylwia Gulik. All profiles are illustrated with excellent photoportraits by Marta Bras. Congratulations to all participants of the project!


Photo by marta bras PHOTOGRAPHY

More: Project SiS

posted December 7, 2017

 Volunteers Needed for the Anniversary Video Project

Among different projects related to the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Polish Home Association, there is a history video project. First filming session is on December 9, 2017. If you would like to help with this or other sessions or otherwise get involved in the project, please see the project brochure and or task list for 12/9, or contact: Ryszard Kott.

posted December 6, 2017

 Polish Social Security (ZUS) for Poles in the USA

Poland and the United States have an agreement about Social Security systems for their citizens; Poles living in the USA can receive Polish social security benefits. On Nov 29, 2017, specialists from the Polish Social Security Administration (ZUS) had a presentation at the Polish Home on how to apply for the benefits. Update: the presentation file is available here (in Polish).


More: more details about the event (PL), application form

posted November 30, 2017

 Last Call for Ads in the Anniversary Book

There is a new deadline, November 19, 2017 for submitting a personal congratulatory or in memoriam note, a business or organization advertisement, or a family and friends picture with a caption in the upcoming 100th Anniversary book of the Polish Home Association. If interested, please see the ad order form for details or contact: Ewa Jόźwiak at advertising@polishhome.org.

posted November 9, 2017

Dr. Justyna Budzik is the Polish Fulbright Scholar in 2017 / 2018

Justyna Budzik

The UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee (UW PSEC) welcomes Dr. Justyna Budzik as the Fulbright Lecturer of the Polish Studies at the University of Washington in 2017 / 2018 academic year. Dr. Budzik is an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Film and Media Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland in interest in cinema anthropology and archeology. Her UW fall course is on the Polish contemporary photography. Congratulations and welcome!


posted September 14, 2017

Project SiS Presents Local Polish Women

Magdalena Bragun

Ms. Anna Sycz at her I love pierogies blog runs a very interesting Project SiS, which is an interview cycle presenting profiles of inspiring Polish women in the Seattle area. So far the following ladies have been featured in the project: Mariola Kulawiec and the Witty Scientists, Anna Cholewińska and the Polish School in Bellevue, Maria Magdalen Ma and the Black Birch Textiles, and Magdalena Bragun and Summac Law PLLC. Each profile is illustrated with excellent photographic portraits by Marta Bras. Congratulations to all participants of the project!


Photo by marta bras PHOTOGRAPHY

More: Project SiS

posted September 7, 2017

Polish Consul Honors Solidarity Activists

l-r: J. Stawiarski, M. Brymora, A. Mróz

At the Polish Festival at the Seattle Center on July 8, 2017, Consul General Mariusz Brymora decorated Solidarity activists Andrzej Mróz from Seattle and Józef Stawiarski from Portland with a Cross of Freedom and Solidarity. Mr. Mróz was the Solidarity leader at the Ziemowit coal mine in Tychy. Mr. Stawiarski was the Solidarity leader at the Komuna Paryska coal mine in Jaworzno. These honors have been bestowed by the President of Poland. Congratulations!


Photo courtesy Gail Ann Photography

More Polish Festival Photos

posted July 25, 2017

 15 Years of the Polish News

Ryszard Kott

The independent Polish News is 15 years old! The first email bulletin with Polish News from Puget Sound went out on May 17, 2002 to 48 people. The Seattle Polish News website launched in April 2004. Ryszard Kott served as the editor and publisher for this independent news service since its inception; the website was designed and run for several years by Hanna Gil, who also served as co-editor for a time. Today the bulletin has over 800 subscribers.

Thank you, all the Readers for your unwavering support and great news tips. We hope to serve you even better in a new website format to be launched soon!

      The Editor.

posted June 22, 2017

 Seattle Polish Film Festival Poster Contest

Win $100! The 25th Annual Seattle Polish Film Festival  (SPFF) has announced its yearly competition for the festival poster design for this year's Festival to be held in October. The submission deadline is July 31, 2017. To learn more, please read the 2017 SPFF poster competition guidelines and entry form.


Also: Volunteers needed to run the Festival. Send email to volunteer@polishfilms.org if interested.


More: SPFF site poster competition page

On the left my favorite poster by Celeste Caliri.

posted June 22, 2016

 Polish Festival Seattle Needs Volunteers on July 8, 2017

Polish Festival at the Seattle Center is fast approaching – if you'd like to help, now is the time to sign up! You can sign up for 2 hr or 3 hr shifts. Please see the festival volunteer online registration page to sign up - it has a complete list of available positions and shifts. There are several open positions, but Children Activities and the Food Court are in the greatest need for volunteers. For more info contact the PF volunteer coordinator Aneta at PFSVolunteer2016@outlook.com.


More:  How to get involved with Polish Festival Seattle.

updated June 15, 2017

 Cpt. Witold "Alex" Herbst Died on May 25, 2017


Witold "Alex"


Mr. Witold "Alex" Herbst, a WWII hero and a longtime member of the Polish community in Seattle died in Everett on May 25, 2017. He was 97.


Witold Aleksander Herbst was born in Warsaw in 1919 in a polonized family of a German origin. He entered the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin in 1938. After the WWII started in September 1939, he managed to evade capture and with several fellow cadets joined the Polish forces in France. After training in France and England he flew 141 missions over Great Britain and Europe with the Polish RAF fighter squadrons 303 & 308 from 1942 to 1944, including on D-Day. Shot over France in 1943 he again escaped through Spain to rejoin his squadron. He ended the war as a captain and was decorated with the Polish Cross of Valor three times and a number of British medals.


After the war, Mr. Herbst stayed in England where he met his wife Doreen and graduated from the London School of Economics in 1947. From 1949 to 1961 he worked as an Assistant to the Air Attaché in the Pakistani High Commissioner Office in London helping with the creation of a professional Pakistani Air Force. From 1961 to 1968 he worked for international aviation trade companies in London. After over twenty years in England he moved to the United States continuing his career in New York in aviation industry and later as a trade manager for business machines. He retired in 1991 and settled in Seattle to be close to his son Michael and his family.


Mr. Herbst published two war memoirs in Polish, Pod angielskim niebem in 1997 and Podniebna kawaleria in 2013, and is featured in the book The Question of Honor by Lynn Olson and Stanley Cloud. He was also the subject of the documentary movie The Spitfire Liberator: the Alex Herbst Story directed by Sławomir Ciok and produced by Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski. The movie had its premiere at the Museum of Flight in Seattle in October 2015.


Mr. Herbst is survived by his wife Doreen, his son Michael with wife Tracy, granddaughter Stephanie Cooper with husband Ian Cooper and granddaughter Sophia.


Funeral Mass:

      1 pm on Sat, June 3, at St. Margaret Church in Seattle, in the presence of

               Consul General Mariusz Brymora, the Consulate General of Poland in LA

               Brig. Gen. Cezary Wiśniewski, Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché,

                      the Embassy of Poland in Washington, DC

               Lt. Col. Karol Sobczyk, Defense and Military Assistant Attaché, the Embassy of Poland

               Honorary Consul in Seattle Teresa Indelak Davis


       After the Mass, on Sat, June 3

               In a private ceremony for the family and close friends only, directly following the Mass.


       4 pm on Sat, June 3, at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski in Seattle

               In the presence of Mr. Herbst's family              

               Eulogies by the esteemed guests and members of the Polish community

               Piano performance by Ms. Marzena Szlaga who will play Chopin's Funeral March

                     and a composition by Mr. Herbst's favorite composer, Jean Sibelius

               Performance by the Polish Choir Vivat Musica

               Remembrances by members of the Polish-American community

               Short movie clips from the documentary movie about Mr. Herbst

               Refreshments prepared by Polish Women's Club and Seattle Polish Foundation

updated June 1, 2017

Elections at the SGSCA

Zbigniew Konofalski

Sebastian Niziol

At the recent elections at the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association, Mr. Zbigniew Konofalski has been elected the new President of the organization, while Mr. Sebastian Niziol became the new Secretary. Their terms run for two years. Congratulations!


More:  SGSCA

posted June 1, 2017

 Hosts Needed for a Polish Festival Dance Group

Polish Festival Seattle is looking for a few people willing to host adult dancers during this year’s festival, around July 8, 2017, including helping with transportation to make sure they get to the Festival to perform. We have a group of 14 coming from Las Vegas who would be very appreciative guests. Gas and food money are available to hosts and drivers. Please contact Alisa Lahti if you can make room.


More:  How to get involved with Polish Festival Seattle

posted May 18, 2017

Volunteers / Mentors Needed for the 2017 Summer Business School in Poland



Sister City Association


Volunteer as a Mentor or Company Advisor at the international Washington Business Weeks summer school for high school students in Poland! Two more mentors needed for the week of August 20-25 in Gdynia.

    Washington Business Week provides orientation for tutors who want to support the program. More info


More: Washington Business Week Polish Locations info, or contact Gail Wodzin at SGSCA.

posted May 16, 2017

Vancouver Chopin Society Concerts

Rafal Blechacz


The Vancouver Chopin Society in Vancouver, BC, has a star pianist lineup for the 2017 / 2018 season concerts that includes the International Chopin Piano Competition winners Seong-Jin Cho (won in 2015) and Rafal Blechacz (won in 2005) as well as award winner Janusz Olejniczak. Tickets are on sale now.


More: Vancouver Chopin Society

posted May 16, 2017

 GiveBIG to Local Polish Organizations on May 10, 2017

This year, the Seattle Polish Foundation participates again in the annual online GiveBIG event for local nonprofits. It's an opportunity to support your favorite Polish causes! Donations channeled through the GiveBIG do not receive any matching this year; however each donation can win a $1,000 Golden Ticket in a lottery with 250 such tickets. You can donate on or before May 10.


To donate to the SPF, visit the SPF Donation Page at the SF Give Big site - please specify the cause you want supported in the Comments field. The Polish News suggests the Polish Home 100th Anniversary Projects for this year's donations. To donate to the SPF directly without paying any fees, please send a check to Seattle Polish Foundation, 1714 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. 


More: supporting Polish community through GiveBIG

posted May 5, 2017

2017 UW PSEC Student Scholarship for Kevin Aslett

Kevin Aslett


The UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee awarded the 2017 Student Scholarship to Kevin Aslett. Mr. Aslett, a PhD student in Political Science is studying political economy of European Union and Eastern Europe with focus on Poland, is also enrolled in Polish 406. The scholarship support pursuing his Polish studies in Poland. Congratulations!



posted May 26, 2016

Prof. Dziwirek Chairs UW Slavic Dept. Again

Katarzyna Dziwirek

Prof. Katarzyna Dziwirek, the first Polish professor to chair the University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, has been reappointed for the second term, running from July 2017 for 5 years. Dr. Dziwirek joined the UW in 1993 and teaches Polish and linguistics; her special interest is in cross-linguistic variation in emotion expressions. She is also very well known in the Polish community for her involvement in the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee. Congratulations!


More: about Prof. Dziwirek

posted April 12, 2017


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Fot. "Seattle" - Ryszard Kwieciński